American Gothic

american gothic

Quick, before I rush my restless bones out to a matinee with mom,* here’s a shot** of the laphounds, taken with my new big-girl camera. Did I mention I’m in love? With a Canon DSLR? It’s much smarter than I am, but I did discover it takes 6.3 frames per second, if you ask it real nice. That makes a very satisfying chk-chk-chk sound, or, as I like to think of it, sweet nothings from my expensive new lover.

PS: I did try for some clever wordplay with the title, but American Dogthic just wasn’t cutting it. Any better ideas? Funniest one gets a guestpost here, where you can share your story, tell a joke, reveal some secret, exalt the hostess, or post*** yet another dogshot, just like me.

*We’re taking in some women-of-a-certain-age porn; nothing too taxing for the ass-end of this effed-in-the-ass year. It’s off to the gym after that, then maybe I’ll take myself to the 4:30 showing of Sherlock Holmes. I’ve lost my vacation mojo; it must have been tossed out with the used wrapping paper after Christmas.

**This shot’s not actually as clear as many other ones, but it made me laugh. Don’t judge mi novio on this one, it’s all me and my jittery paws. A tripod is on my growing list of desired accessories, along with a speedlight and a boatload of good glass. (That’s lenses, for the unshutterbuggery types out there. See what a little internet learnin’ will teach you?)

***Stay tuned for round 2 later on…

Tra la, I’m off. See you at the movies…

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  1. coozledad says:

    I hate to say it, but I’m getting a strong Cheney vibe from Arch.
    Could be I just need therapy.

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