My Motivation? She is a Small White Dog in the Turn Lane


Hello from the couch. Here I am again, resisting the siren call of cable television. It’s 2:40 PM and I just resurfaced from the nap I needed after getting up at 5 AM to typetypetype in powerpoint (that tool of corporate propaganda-bites, aka Satan’s Bullet List). Now I’m awake and considering my next move. I could walk up to the Haight with the camera and capture a few faces, while searching out a salon for an emergency color assist (we call this “multitasking”). But my every tendon aches right now, after days of walking and miles of hills, and I wince preemptively at the thought of the upslope or downslog I’d have to cover to get anywhere.

Or I could watch some crap on hulu and just enjoy the cush. At my house, there are 8 rooms (of which I use 3) and no couch. I need a nice urban apartment with a place to sleep, a place to work, and a place to lounge. I’m putting that on the To Do list, as soon as that damn dog stops frolicking and gets back in the car.

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2 Responses to “My Motivation? She is a Small White Dog in the Turn Lane”

  1. Cupcake Murphy Says:

    Go doggie go. Tell me she survived.

  2. coozledad Says:

    If that dog just increases its altitude a little it should be perfectly safe.

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