Fresh Out

ration card

Losing that post last week took all the words out of me, but I’m heading into the teeth of a four-day weekend and that should top off my language ration.

Back soon, O Subtle Readers. Enjoy your days in the waning sun, and tell me: what supplies will you be replenishing during your days away?


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3 Responses to “Fresh Out”

  1. MichaelG says:

    Been following your excellent blog for some time, Sub. I genuinely enjoy it. I need to resupply the wine cellar. Well, it’s more of a surface supply than a cellar but it needs resupply nonetheless

  2. coozledad says:

    I was busy destocking the wine last night. There’s a wine store not too far from here that sells a boxed Spanish red (Alandra) that’s pretty good. Today I’m cutting firewood and loading up on dermal parasites. Mostly chiggers and seed ticks.

  3. Nimble says:

    In the alcohol vein, I noticed a tall bottle with a paper label and a medallion on the counter Monday morning. What kind of exotic hooch did my husband bring home? Balsamic vinegar.

    By doing many loads of laundry I stocked up on clean clear stretches of floor in my bedroom and the living room. I don’t always keep dirty laundry on the floor (ha) but I do have to sort it out in piles for a big wash session. And god forbid I should be interrupted before it all gets done or entropy totally wins.

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