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The Ninth Day of Creativity: Ready for Bed at Eight PM Edition

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

Creative, schmeative. I’m slightly drunky after two glasses of wine, so enjoy this cute baby animal* and I’ll see you all tomorrow.


* Meet Pancake, my brother’s now gargantuan kitten.

Neph 2.0

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

So, this happened*:


Months ago, in fact. You know what they say, the first neph gets all the glory and the second one survives on hand-me-downs, scraps, and overdue blogbirth announcements. But I’ve made a little promise with myself to get my ass in gear and stop tossing away eleven bucks on bloghosting every month for a dormant blog. Either it gets lively around here, or it goes away. I mean, really. Anyway, enough about me. We came here for the cute:


They named him one of those classic male names a little whelp can grow into—he’s no Aiden, Jaden, Brayden, or Caden—but I like to call him Prince Roland of the Golden Locks. I’m sure you can see why:


And yeah, I’m happy to straight-up brag about this Amazing True Fact: my sisters make excellent mohawked boybabies. Even if some of them aren’t really babies any more:


*That loud noise you heard three months ago was the collective ahhh! we all made when Prince Roland’s hair was born at least 10 minutes before the rest of him. The loud noise you just heard was my sister seeing her very carefully cropped and utterly tasteful ladythigh posted on the internet. Love you, sister! Adore my neph!

Stretch at Rest

Monday, July 26th, 2010

ford asleep on papa

Look at the neph sacked out on his papa, all lank and trust (and 110th percentile in both height and wit). Now go here and see how things have changed in 17 months.

God, I miss the little fucker. And my fucking mutts, as well. This life I’ve chosen is conditioned on missing; there’s always someone I’m longing to see:

Ford and Great Gma

Photos by Grandpa Phil…thanks!

I Have No Words to Share

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Only this blueeyed gaze…

Ford Gaze

Wherein I Use Cute to Combat Cramps

Monday, December 14th, 2009

ford lion

I am on day six of this month’s version of PMS, complete with weepy cramping, crampy weeping, and lots of ragey raging. It’s quite something this go-round; I marvel at how much a hostage I am to hormones, when I’m not slamming drawers and muttering darkly under blankets. The only thing there’s not enough of is the actual bleeding part, where I take more Aleve than is generally recommended, then finally begin to feel like a human being with a durable self-concept and unflagging self-worth. (The dogs chose to sleep downstairs two nights ago, so I must really smell off right now).

ford buzzard

All of this is to say that I am far too edgy to write up a proper post, so I’ll share some Ford pictures instead, to soothe and amuse us all. Most are pre-surgery, some are after. Ford’s mostly fine, even though he’s wearing clubs on his paws and his hair is acting up:

ford casts

Perhaps his parents could weigh in what’s happened here: Is it the heartbreak of hat head? Or is his hair just having endless PMS, like me?

ford hair

The neph is one of God’s Little Adaptables, having mastered the art of dragging himself across the carpet with both arms in casts, like a very enthusiastic sea turtle on the beach, determined to reach the ocean. He goes sockless these days for the tactile thrill, exploring different textures with his feet. Give him another week, and he’ll be picking up cheerios with his toes.

ford dragon

Here’s what his fingers looked like last week, before they separated the webbing:


I can’t wait to see them all healed up.

ford stroller

Here’s Ford chewing on his buzzard puppet’s beak:

ford buzzard 2

His subtle fuck you really suits my mood. (Just think, he’ll be able to flip a proper bird as a result of his surgery; teenage Ford will thank us for that.)

Man, I wish I had a buzzard to gnaw on.

Images via Dad’s flickr

For Relatives and Neph Completists

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Ford and the pups from The Subtle Rudder on Vimeo.

Ford came by for a visit yesterday and slithered around like a smiley snake, making his aunty happy and the pups nervous. They’ve always thought of him as a fragrant, lickable nugget-in-arms, easy pickings for a drive-by tongue-strafe. But they’re getting some of their own medicine, now that he’s motoring around, learning the world with his pinchy little fingers and his wet, wet mouth.

And yes, blue plaid flannel was my executive work attire as of yesterday at 11 am. Casual friday, y’know?

PS for Papou: If you click the video link above, you can download it for endless grandfatherly desktop viewings.


Monday, September 21st, 2009


I’m deep in entrails of the IT technology beast, listening to the autistic yawps of engineers, but my mind’s on another menagerie entirely. Only two days to go and I’ll be back in my own bed, with my own dogs, and my own little lioncub within easy reach.

I plan to eat him right up.

Happy week’s beginning. More soon, when I’m back to working in my pajamas and I can leave my browser window open all day long.

Mo’ Neph

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

More pictures of the Neph, to please my Ford-obsessed readers. I especially love the last one, because if you look close, you can see the tributary of drool running from mouth to chin.

ford in shadow

ford quilt

excited Ford


And yep, that’s the quilt I made for him. It’s all baby quilts, all the time around here, since half my friends are knocked up right now.

A Taste for the Ladeez

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

a taste for the ladeez

Is it Ford Presley, junior superstar, or Ford P. Milkbelly, general contractor?

Either way, he’s edible.

Snowball Rocks His Body Now

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Why, yes, I am posting a Backstreet Boys video. It’s been that kind of week. But this bird’s got rhythm, and there’s something about his high kicks that just made the sun come out in my grey neighborhood. No lie! It’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiney day, thanks to Snowball here.

I’m still recovering from my trip, and a possible swine flu infection. Or perhaps it’s the fact that I gone out every night but two in the past two weeks. (Me! A homebody so dedicated my couch has a me-shaped dent!) But really, has anyone sneezed in the last 5 days and not felt those fear-darts of inevitable infection inside? IT’S THE PLAGUE, the reptile part of my brain tells me, every time I get sniffly or fevered or nap-happy. Of course, that’s the same center of brain activity that lights up when people watch Glenn Beck or brandish Tea’d Off signs, so I try to keep reptilian conclusion-jumping to a minimum here at Casa Rudder. And videos like these help, speaking as they do to the higher brain functions of awww and adorbs. More cute, less Newt!

Luckily, a squadron of young misses with mops is here to bring order to the homestead. I came back to the same mess I left behind, with more dust and fewer ants (deadly poison, hurrah!), and it’s become quite clear that I need more minions. Perhaps I can find an enterprising young person who will help me paint the rooms that need painting and price the junk that’s been gathering in the corner, waiting for a wasted weekend of exchanging crap for cash. (Let it be a load on someone else’s soul, I figure. I’m almost ready to give up and haul it to Goodwill, though, which is my usual lazyass default.)

Got a broke nephew or underemployed offspring? Let me know in comments. Ten bucks an hour, paid in cash. I’ll even supply pizza on the final day, if there’s been any sort of attention to detail AT ALL. Anyone considered, and I’d be willing to host a visitor, if you’re itching to see Lincoln. This ain’t a bad time to visit, what with the better weather and all the trees in ridiculous bloom:

tree in bloom

Yes, that’s taken from my front porch. I think it’s a Red Bud, although perhaps the Subtle Father could weigh in with the proper make and model?

PS: Upon 8th viewing of the video, it occurs to me that Snowball’s leg action reminds me of the extravagant back kicks Stella does when she’s peed on some other dog’s pee. It’s an in-your-face fandango of top doggery; very West Side Story cut-a-bitch. I’ll try and capture it on video for your delectation.

Video seen here