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Cleaning Off My Desktop

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

As a longtime Mac user, my workflow is based on old habits, not new features. (Also, I’m kind of a creatively untidy idiot.) Basically, I store everything on the desktop, a fact which makes boyfriends and Apple Geniusi go white and shake their heads slowly, with a little tongue clucking thrown in. So whenever I want to pack up and go sit in a cafe, away from the vast acreage of my 23-inch monitor, I have to do some desktop tidying. If I don’t, the laptop screen is so choked with jpgs and mp3s and folders named things like “stuff” and “more stuff” and “everything else,” I can’t get any work done.

(Which is not so different from how it is at home, but that’s another matter. And that matter is my Internet-abetted ADHD, which is why I think I need a life unmediated by screens, or else a prescription for Provigil with plenty of refills.)

All of which is to say, here are some pictures I found on my desktop, and yes, I am aware that they confirm my essential lack of seriousness. These could have been of undiscovered artworks or abandoned buildings or heroic portraits—it could happen!—but instead I give you animals in the guise of other things:

archie the pitbull lion

What?! He looks like a very large Archie dressed as a lion! Rowr!

cat dinosaur

A cat! Playing dinosaur! I pulled this down off some unknown site for my friend Mary, who loves cat pix as much as I love dog pix. (And no, neither of us are married. Or mothers.)

buddhist chihuahua

A buddhist chihuahua! (These do not exist in a world of squirrels, BTW.) I nabbed this one from Cute Overload for my folks, because look, that tiny supplicant is their dog Lola’s twin! (Also, check out the wee prayermat!)

See, now I can trash these strays without qualms, because I have shared them here on the Internet, with all four of you. At this rate, I’ll get to the cafe by closing time…