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My Baby Just Wrote Me A Letter

Monday, March 22nd, 2010


obama email

You’re welcome, Mr. President, although I’m pretty sure all those frothing phone calls I made to my red state reps were just rage therapy for me. But hey, that’ll be covered now, right?

I know many of my leftist brethren (and also my doctor fathren) are busy bumming out about various particulars of this less than perfect bill. Not me; today, it’s enough that we got something—anything—through the grinder and out the other side. This is a tectonic shift in the right direction, and one massive relief.


PS: Although I love my man, Barack, I also want to celebrate another leader today. Here’s to my old rep Nancy Pelosi; homegirl’s got steel and will to spare, and while she’ll never silence the haters, she’s shown them for the chattering gibbons they are. So suck it, seethers.